Jersey. For business. For life

Jersey is growing and diversifying.

Jersey is internationally recognised as a highly reputable jurisdiction and well respected business centre, which is ideally positioned for you to invest, grow and prosper.

With an enviable culture of safety and privacy, high quality health and leisure facilities, a world-class education system, globally renowned professional services and with easy access to the UK, Europe and beyond - Jersey is the ideal location for you, your family and your business.

Jersey has a long standing reputation for attracting successful companies and individuals to its beautiful shores.

Jersey is a location for those who want to work in a thriving, international centre of excellence, but who seek a life of more than just work - in our Island the work life balance really is achievable.

About Locate Jersey;

Locate Jersey is the government organisation responsible for promoting, attracting and retaining inward investment for Jersey.

We provide comprehensive, confidential and free advice to facilitate, support and guide companies and individuals through the process of moving to or setting up their business in Jersey.

Please contact us for a copy of our Business or High Value Residency brochure, further information or a confidential discussion about a potential move to the Island.

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