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Tongue Tied (Jersey) Limited has a busy first 6 months

11 March 2016

New inward investment business Tongue Tied (Jersey) Limited has had a very busy first 6 months since relocating to the Island at the end of 2015.  With 18 new clients on-island and existing clients across 34 countries, the business has now taken on 3 new members of staff with more expected in the future as it continues to grow.

The consistently high standard of work being carried out by the company on website translation and standard translation work, interpreting assignments, transcriptions, voice-overs and much more has earned them a place on the shortlist for the A1 Business Excellence Awards 2016.


John Shouler, Director of Tongue Tied (Jersey) Limited, said; ' It has been a very eventful 6 months in the life of Tongue Tied (Jersey) Ltd.  We now have 18 clients on Jersey and that number is growing every week and we are also introducing our European clients to the Island. Tongue Tied even features in the latest book by international best-selling crime writer Peter James due to be published in May.  Quite a compliment!

We are very happy with life on Jersey and would like to take this opportunity to thank Locate Jersey and everyone else who have helped us to settle down on this wonderful Island.'