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Key Information

APPLICATION FOR High Value Residency

Jersey welcomes applications from highly skilled and economically active High Value Residents who can demonstrate the ability to generate an annual minimum tax contribution of £145,000. To apply for residency, you will need to provide the following documentation.

  • Personal letter of application
  • Business profile of applicant
  • Financial profile
  • Two personal references
  • Two business references
  • Verified copy of valid passport
  • A Disclosure Certificate from the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) formerly known as a CRB Certificate - a basic disclosure can be done by Disclosure Scotland for any UK resident, whether living in Scotland or otherwise (
  • Marriage certificate (only for those who wish to purchase a property in joint names)

Further information is available here on the website.

View our High Value Residency Brochure online.


Contact us today to discuss the process of moving to Jersey as a High Value Resident by emailing or by calling +44(0)1534 440604.

APPLICATION FOR Business Relocation

Under Jersey law, you are required to have a licence to operate a business and employ staff in the island. To qualify for a business licence  you must have been resident in Jersey for five years, unless you can demonstrate that the business is of high economic or social value to the island. Key factors include:

  • Corporate tax payable by the company (this only applies if it is a Jersey Financial Services Commission-regulated financial services business, or a utility company)
  • If the business is non-regulated, and does not pay corporate tax, then a key factor would be tax payable in the island by owners and staff of the business
  • Creation of high value jobs for islanders
  • Training and development opportunities for islanders
  • Graduate and school leaver opportunities
  • Use of Jersey firms for work required locally (IT, legal, accountancy, HR etc)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (a commitment to the local community)

Business licence applications require a supporting business plan, which should include three years’ audited accounts for the existing business and a three year financial forecast as well as details of staff for the Jersey business.  Applications can be made for a Licenced permission which is a time-limited consent allowing specialist staff and/or the owner of the business to work in the island and lease or buy appropriate housing.  The role must be a position that cannot be filled by someone already entitled to live and work in Jersey. 

Businesses must be registered with the Companies Registry (Jersey Financial Services Commission). If you wish to form a Jersey ‘Limited’ company, a local professional service provider (with the correct permissions) will need to act on your behalf, as the business cannot be formed by someone resident outside of Jersey. You are also required to have a Jersey registered address for the business.

More information on registering your business is available on JFSC website.

More information and a range of business application forms are available here on the website.

View our Inward Investment Brochure online or a quick guide to Jersey's proposition here: Jersey. For business. For Life.


Contact us today to discuss the process of moving your business to Jersey via or by calling +44(0)1534 440604. Alternatively, if you know which team member you would like to speak to, you can find their details here.


For more detailed, useful information regarding residency and immigration in Jersey, please see our Residency and Immigration - useful information guide.;