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Key Information


Jersey has its own healthcare system which differs from other jurisdictions. If you are moving to Jersey, you should be aware that there is a charge for GP visits, but the majority of prescriptions are free. Our dental service is also privately provided, and offers a full range of general and aesthetic dental care.

Jersey’s General Hospital provides a full range of services, with reciprocal health agreements covering specific treatments that require care at specialist UK units. The island has extensive private healthcare and good relationships with the main medical insurance companies. When you first move to Jersey, you may have to pay for some of your non-emergency treatment at the General Hospital - for more information please see our Healthcare in Jersey - useful information guide;




Jersey values a high standard of education and the island’s GCSE and A level results are consistently equivalent to the upper quartile of the UK education authorities. School places are offered to children at the beginning of the school year in which their fifth birthday falls. There are three types of schools in Jersey:

  • free States of Jersey schools
  • fee-paying States of Jersey schools
  • private fee-paying schools (fees can be as little as a third of those in the UK)

For more information on the education system in Jersey and school contact information, please see our Education in Jersey - useful information guide;