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Key Information

Tax and Social Security – a quick guide


Personal income tax

  • 20% maximum rate. All income tax payers also pay a 0.5-1% Long Term Care contribution each year.

High Value Residency income tax

  • 20% on the first £725,000 of worldwide earned income (equivalent to £145,000) plus an additional 1% on all other worldwide income. 20% on revenue from Jersey property.

Company tax

  • 0% standard rate
  • 10% tax for certain regulated financial services companies
  • 20% tax for Jersey utility and property income companies


(BEPS  - In June 2017, the Jersey Government signed the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) (Paris, 24.11.206).  In doing so, the island has further demonstrated our internationally recognised leading position in complying with the international standards on financial regulation, anti-money laundering and tax transparency and information exchange. Jersey is fully supportive of the BEPS project and is active in implementing the actions making up the project.)


Social Security contribution for employees

  • 6%

Social security contribution for employers

  • 6.5% on earnings up to £4,442 per month, plus an additional 2% on earnings over £4,442 and under £14,686 per month (as at 01/01/2019)

If you are self-employed you will pay Class 2 contributions of 12.5%, capped at a maximum of £760.13 per month.


  • 5%


Find more information on tax in Jersey here on the website.