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Alemba Jersey - leading the way in cutting-edge innovation

14 May 2019

Alemba Jersey is leading the way in cutting-edge innovation. Three years on from establishing a business on the Island, Alemba Jersey shares their latest software innovation and why Jersey is the perfect jurisdiction for their dedicated Innovation Centre.

As a software developer for IT Service Management, Alemba’s diverse customer base ranges from Mercedes-Benz to Sony.

In 2016, looking to establish a dedicated innovation centre, the company established on the Island with assistance from Locate Jersey and support from Locate Jersey’s partner organisation Digital Jersey, and have based their Innovation Centre in the Digital Jersey Hub in St Helier. Alemba Jersey continues to be a valuable inward investment business to the Island not least through the high-profile work for household-name clients, but also as the business grows they are employing locally qualified staff.

Pictured above:  Simon Nugent - Alemba Jersey CEO

Talking about the move to Jersey and why the island was chosen as the destination for their Innovation Centre, Alemba Jersey CEO, Simon Nugent said:

“We wanted to create an environment where key team members could be free to focus on generating cutting-edge innovations…Jersey was chosen as the ideal place to do this. It’s remote enough to offer a reprieve from the daily grind whilst still being close enough to the Alemba global headquarters in Surrey to stay in touch.”

Since their move to the Island, the company’s Innovation Centre has continued to see notable success, most recently in April (2019) with the re-launch of their flagship IT service management application. The major UI redesign of Alemba Service Manager v10, which is used around the world, demonstrates the remarkable innovations being developed by Alemba Jersey, and illustrates the Island’s ability to encourage, support and develop innovative tech companies in a fast-moving and highly competitive industry.


To find out more about Alemba click here to be directed to their website.


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