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Israeli Connection for Jersey Businesses

16 September 2010

Jersey is forging closer links with Israel following a high level visit to the Island.  The British-Israel Chamber of Commerce (B-ICC) has formally agreed to partner the Island to explore new business opportunities with the Middle Eastern country.  

Former Israeli Minister for Economic Affairs Shmuel Ben-Tovim visited the Island in October 2009 and his trip was followed by a visit from B-ICC Chief Executive Daniel Seal to meet a number of local agencies and businesses.

The next stage will be to develop a strategy for building economic ties between Jersey and Israel which it is hoped will promote both export opportunities and inward investment.

The B-ICC will organise regular networking opportunities where local companies can meet influential business leaders from Israel and it is possible a delegation from Jersey will travel to Israel in 2011.  Jersey will also be promoted as an attractive location for tourism, and for wealthy Israelis to relocate to or set up businesses.

Sectors which could prove attractive to Jersey businesses looking to establish trade and export links including e-commerce, renewable energy and financial services. Israel already has close links with the City of London and in 2010 was upgraded from an ‘emerging’ market to ‘developed market’ by the FTSE.

The Israeli Ambassador to London has been extended an invitation to visit Jersey following a meeting with Jersey Enteprise at the Israel Opportunity 2010 conference in July.