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Jersey Aircraft Registry takes flight

6 November 2015

Jersey has officially opened its Aircraft Registry for business with its first registration,  a new private jet of significant value, completed in the island on the 5th of November. 

The Jersey Aircraft Registry (JAR), will register new or nearly new, high-value, private and corporate aircraft as well as aircraft mortgages and commercial aircraft engine mortgages.  In the development stages of the registry a number of additional enquiries were also received from potential clients, interested in having the new ZJ prefix for their aircraft.

The Minister for Economic Development, Senator Lyndon Farnham, said: “This new registry will be a fantastic opportunity for the Island. We have created the Jersey Aircraft Registry for local service providers to register aircraft, aircraft mortgages and, uniquely, commercial aircraft engine mortgages for clients. This will enable local businesses to broaden their offerings, which already includes the registration of companies, ships and other security interests.

"Revenue will be created through the fees charged by the Registry, and we hope to see new jobs created in financial, fiduciary and legal services. There is also a longer-term goal of creating roles in technical positions, as we see maintenance and management organisations relocating to Jersey.”

Geoff Cook, CEO of Jersey Finance, added: “It is always encouraging to see new and exciting opportunities being created for the Island’s finance, fiduciary and legal services. The Jersey Aircraft Registry will certainly add to the island’s overall offering.”