Andrew and Fiona Tyrer

“I arrived in Jersey literally not knowing a soul and I have been overwhelmed by the friendliness of Islanders and the welcome I have received.”

Andrew and Fiona Tyrer

Having lived in the North West of England for much of their lives, empty-nesters Andrew and Fiona Tyrer decided it was time to make the lifestyle change they had been considering for a number of years.

As Fiona explains:

“We initially thought about taking the opportunity to spend some time travelling, but we are ostensibly home birds!  Andrew’s career has required him to be on the road, frequently flying around the globe and so the idea of more travel held limited appeal for us!”

Andrew elaborates;

“We were hoping to live permanently in a place in which I could continue to work; where we would be able to integrate quickly into local life and enjoy a measured pace.  After some research, the Channel Islands became the obvious choice.  Jersey is a beautiful Island and we quickly discovered that there were plenty of stunning properties available, no matter what your architectural tastes.

The professional services in St Helier are akin to those you would find in London,” explains Andrew. “I have a broad portfolio of business interests, some of which are extremely niche and yet I’ve routinely found the expert support and skills I’ve needed on-Island”.


“We were astonished by the speed and simplicity with which we were able to source our lovely home and move to the Island.  In fact, from first thinking about moving to the Channel Islands to purchasing our house, took less than four months from start to finish (including obtaining our housing consent from the States of Jersey within just two weeks)! The efficiency of this process was primarily down to the excellent support we received from the team at Locate Jersey.  They advised us on the details we would need to provide to the authorities, so we were well organised for our licence submission, making the process seamless”.

“This experience reassured us that we were emigrating to a place where people have a can-do attitude and are unendingly supportive.  And that support has extended well beyond our initial application process.  Through the team at Locate Jersey, we have received introductions, invites and attended functions across an entire cross-section of people, places and events, which has made us feel truly welcome and at home!”

Fiona agrees...

Fiona agrees...

“I arrived in Jersey literally not knowing a soul and I have been overwhelmed by the friendliness of Islanders and the welcome I have received.  People here seem to have a strong empathy for newcomers and so they go out of their way to be warm and inclusive and to introduce you to their wider social networks.”

“We are avid sailors and love the fact that the French coast is just a few hours away.  What’s more, instead of having to drive for long periods, simply to reach the marina, we can get from our front door to sailing out past the harbour wall within an hour!  Now that’s the sort of lifestyle we were looking for!”

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