The Vernon Family

“Our children are loving Island life....I now jog or cycle to work, along a route that runs next to the sea. It’s a great way to start and end a working day! We think that Jersey is a wonderful place to live, work and play.”

The Vernon Family

Before moving to Jersey had even appeared on the Vernon family’s radar, they were visiting the Island on holiday when their young daughter commented, “I could really see us living in Jersey one day!”  Little did they all know that within a few years, this would be the case!

Chief Operating Officer of one of Europe’s biggest hedge fund businesses, James Vernon explains:

“We were living in Kent and a few years ago we decided, as a family, that it was time to do something completely different and leave the UK for adventure elsewhere, so we headed off to the south of France. We had a terrific couple of years in this beautiful country.  However, with our children getting older, we decided to return to an “English-speaking” education system, in time for those critical few years of GCSEs and A Levels.”

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“As we had already left the UK, it didn’t hold a great deal of allure for us, but then a colleague suggested Jersey.  I had visited the Island many times through my work and we had (now famously!) holidayed there two years earlier and loved it. We spent some time getting a feel for the Island thereafter and, on the advice of our accountant, we contacted Locate Jersey.  With the support of the team there and a local estate agent, we began exploring available properties and visiting schools for our three 13 year olds (we have triplets!).  We were really pleasantly surprised by everything we discovered and, with help from Locate Jersey, we were able to secure our residency approval from the Island’s authorities after a comprehensive, but straightforward, application process.”

“We are thrilled with the beautiful, historical home that we found – it was actually used by German soldiers as a headquarters during the occupation of the Island in the Second World War!  The property as a whole required a great deal of renovation when we purchased it.  I have to confess that we were initially concerned as to whether we would find the calibre of architects and the specialist building teams required for the project on Jersey, but it turns out that we need never have worried – we are delighted with the specialists involved with our project.”

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“Our children are loving Island life. They settled in easily, and as well as being happy at their respective schools, they are enjoying taking up the multitude of sporting opportunities that are available to them.  They have been learning to surf and sail (in fact, we all have!), as well as kart-racing and playing badminton, table tennis and more!

On a personal level, I have transformed my level of fitness. I live a relaxed, rural lifestyle and I now jog or cycle to work, along a route that runs next to the sea.  It’s a great way to start and end a working day!”

“We think that Jersey is a wonderful place to live, work and play and are so glad that our daughter’s prophecy came true!”


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