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Daniel & Susana Rowles

Target Internet

“It was always important for us that this move would suit us as a family as well as a business, and Jersey certainly ticks that box...It’s a real privilege to be able to work from here in this fantastic environment and at the same time work with global brands around the world.”

Daniel & Susana Rowles

CEO/Commercial Director

Target Internet


Digital and Creative Industries


Since deciding to relocate from the UK in 2018, Daniel Rowles, and Susana Rowles of Target Internet, have discovered an ideal platform in Jersey to grow their digital marketing skills business…

Target Internet works with organisations all over the world to help them upskill their teams’ digital marketing capabilities, covering anything from data analytics, content marketing and search marketing to developing a digital strategy, mobile marketing and social media.

They do that through face-to-face sessions and by delivering online courses through their e-learning portal, whilst they’re also an official centre for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and produce the weekly Digital Marketing Podcast, one of the most listened-to marketing podcasts globally. It’s an approach that enables them to be really targeted in how they help organisations, as Susana explains:

“Over the years we’ve developed around 150 different specialist courses and we’re continuing to build and evolve that library. We also offer a skills benchmark for firms, so we can identify where firms are strong in their skill set and where there is scope for improvement. That way we can provide a tailored approach to help give them the support where they need it most.”

Pictured above: Daniel Rowles, CEO and Susana Rowles, Commercial Director of Target Internet


Previously based in Brighton, Daniel and Susana had been thinking for a while about making the move to somewhere else.

“I’d visited Jersey a number of times in the past and had always been keen on it as a place to live,” says Daniel. “Once I got talking to some of the people here about the business landscape and Jersey’s ambitions in the digital space, it was a no brainer really.

We had looked at other options, but we kept on coming back to the reality that in Jersey there were really no barriers. It felt like there was an affinity between what we do as a business and what Jersey was doing as a jurisdiction – plus it’s familiar in terms of language, has a sophisticated and cosmopolitan economy and offers really easy access to the UK.

So in March 2018, Daniel and Susana made the move over to Jersey, with Susana recalling how smooth and straightforward the process was despite relocating both their business and family:

“From the outset, through Locate Jersey and others, we were introduced to people who could help us sort things out, from a business perspective with things like licensing, to personal and family things like registering for schools for our children. The after-care we’ve received since being here has been hugely helpful too.”

"People have been really amenable. You dont get that everywhere"

“One of the things we’ve been really impressed with is the ease of access to expertise,” adds Daniel. “Whether we’ve needed to speak to accountants, lawyers or government officials, people have been really amenable. You don’t get that everywhere.”

With Daniel also being an associate professor at Imperial College, being able to get to and from the Island easily has been important too: “We work with organisations in London, across the UK and overseas. The connections Jersey has to London in particular is a real advantage.”

Picture: With 30+ daily flights into international UK airports alone, Jersey is your starting point for a world of connections (Photocredit: Oliver Pinel Photography)


Keen to build up their network in Jersey quickly and from scratch, both Daniel and Susana have immersed themselves in the local community in a number of ways, including supporting JCG’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Programme (LEAP) and creating the Jersey Marketing and Communications Group.

“We’ve also done a lot with Digital Jersey, to help deliver specialist digital marketing courses to local people, says Daniel. “And we’re involved in the Digital Jersey Academy ( to help support the drive to digitally upskill local people. There’s a clear appetite to network here and that’s meant that making connections has been really easy.”

Daniel adds:

From a family perspective, it’s been refreshingly easy to move here too. It was always important for us that this move would suit us as a family as well as a business, and Jersey certainly ticks that box.

Pictured Above: Daniel Rowles with youngest child Charlie, enjoying a family evening out in the evening sun.

Strong Platform

Looking forward, Daniel and Susana are excited about playing a part in supporting the digital skills drive in Jersey and point to a positive attitude that they feel reflects the importance businesses and the government in the island attach to digital skills, as Susana explains:

We very much see Jersey as providing us with a strong platform to continue to grow our business internationally. It’s a real privilege to be able to work from here in this fantastic environment and at the same time work with global brands around the world.

Pictured Above: Daniel, Susana and Charlie Rowles enjoying an evening out at the Jersey Races.


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Daniel & Susana Rowles