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Graham Waters

Clasado BioSciences

“I was introduced to the team at Locate Jersey and the expert support we have received has been invaluable to our move – everything happened very smoothly and efficiently.”

Graham Waters

Chief Executive Officer

Clasado BioSciences



"Jersey has only added to our credibility and reputation."

Jersey’s central geographical location, along with the respect that the Island garners around the world were the two main deciding factors for Graham Waters, CEO of Clasado BioSciences when he was moving his business to Jersey. He explains: “Jersey wasn’t necessarily the most obvious choice for us to establish the headquarters of our bioscience business – it is an island better known for its finance and legal sectors. However, in our business dealings with global clients and suppliers we have found that basing ourselves in Jersey has only added to our credibility and reputation.”

"Moving to Jersey has been a dream..."

“Clasado was formed in 2004 as the result of our research collaboration with the School of Food Biosciences, at the University of Reading in the UK. Our research focused on a method of ensuring that the growth of beneficial bacteria within the human gut outweighs the production of harmful bacteria. This led to us developing and manufacturing a proprietary ‘prebiotic’ in 2007 under the brand name Bimuno, which is retailed across the UK and US and internationally via our internet sales.”

“We centre our activities wherever the specific expertise we require is located. This means that I spend a great deal of time travelling between the UK, France, the US, Hong Kong and Shanghai where we have recently opened an office. Prior to moving our business to Jersey I was based in the Mediterranean. Whilst the weather was beautiful, the travel times and flight connections were horrendous – I worked out that I wasted 37 hours each time I travelled to the to the States just through poor flight connections.”

"What's not to like!?"

“Moving to Jersey has been a dream in comparison – I fly directly into London City and from there I am straight onto my connecting flight, with no overnight stays required and no time wasted. I am completely enamoured by our move to the Island and I am extremely grateful to Locate Jersey for its very practical assistance in establishing our head office within its shores.”

"We have found the Island to be incredibly welcoming, both on a business and a social level... In Jersey the warmth is genuine..."

“We live in the east of the Island and a walk along the long stretch of sandy beach in the evenings is a lovely way to unwind after a stifling day of meetings in London! We are also big foodies and we adore the fresh and varied seafood that the Island serves up in its never-ending string of fabulous restaurants. What’s not to like?! We have found the Island to be incredibly welcoming, both on a business and a social level, which has made the transition so much easier. In Jersey the warmth is genuine – when people say that they’ll give you a call to meet up, they really do!”


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