This page offers information on the criteria and information required in applications for HNWI relocation. For more information on the process see Process for HNWI Relocation

Moving to Jersey as a High Net Worth Individual

HNWIs wishing to move to Jersey, must meet the criteria laid out on this page.

Only a select number of High Value Residency consents are granted each year. Each submission is considered on the basis of the financial and social attributes that a candidate could bring to island life.

About High Value Residency (HVR) in Jersey

The HVR programme is a route to residency for HNWIs looking to live and/or work in Jersey. It is not a citizenship by investment scheme. HNWIs who are approved will need UK immigration clearance to be able to live and work in Jersey.

The programme allows the individual to move to Jersey as an Entitled resident which gives access to the housing and work market. Please see Residency and Immigration for full details on residential statuses in Jersey.

Those who are approved are able to access a specific tax rate of; 20% on the first £725,000 of worldwide income and additional 1% on any worldwide income above this. Please note any income earned from land and buildings in Jersey, or dividends paid from a company in receipt of Jersey property income, is taxed at 20%. For more information on taxes, social security and other contributions please see Tax & Contributions in Jersey.

The Criteria for High Value Residency (HVR)

To be eligible to apply for High Value Residency you must be able to demonstrate:

  • The ability to generate an annual minimum tax contribution of £145,000; and
  • Comfortable and sustainable, annual worldwide income in excess of £725,000 per annum.

This does not guarantee the success of an application, and other qualifying social and economic factors will also be taken into consideration. These include:

  • Business contributions and/or voluntary work in the local community;
  • Sporting and/or training initiatives e.g. for educational organisations or young people;
  • Positive media coverage of activities undertaken (business or social).
    Potential negative media coverage, including past events outside of the Island;
  • Any undesirable or negative factors in your background (e.g. criminal record);
  • Your family and your general lifestyle;
  • Past charitable contributions or work;
  • Skills or cultural interests which could benefit the Jersey community;
    The impact your residency will have locally; and
  • Your plans for business activity in Jersey including:
    • Training;
    • Diversification;
    • Employment; and
    • Associated tax revenues.

What Information is required in your HVR Application

To apply for High Value Residency, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  • A personal letter of application; and
  • Your business profile; and
  • Your financial profile; and
  • Two personal references; and
  • Two business references; and
  • A verified copy of a valid passport (required for each individual relocating to Jersey); and
  • A Disclosure Certificate from the relevant authority Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) authority. This was previously known as a CRB Certificate.

Purchasing property

Should your application be successful and you take up permanent residency in Jersey, there is a minimum expected value in terms of the property that you buy or rent. High value property is typically considered to be at least £1.75 million for a house and £900,000 for an apartment, and if you decide to rent a property, it should be of the same saleable value.

For more information on housing, please see Finding a Home.

This is an overview of the criteria for HNWIs considering High Value Residency in Jersey, for process information go to Process. For information about what you need to do when you first arrive in Jersey head over to Practical Information for Moving to Jersey or get in touch with a member of the team.

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