We can advise and assist you through every step of relocating to Jersey as an HNWI from the initial enquiry to support for your application and helping you integrate into your new home through our aftercare services. Browse the information and pages below to find out more about High Value Residency in Jersey.

For a free, confidential chat about the HVR programme, call Kevin Lemasney on +44(0)7797783457 or email k.lemasney@gov.je

About High Value Residency (HVR) in Jersey

The HVR programme is a route to residency for HNWIs looking to live and/or work in Jersey. It is not a citizenship by investment scheme. HNWIs who are approved will need UK immigration clearance to be able to live and work in Jersey.

The programme allows the individual to move to Jersey as an Entitled resident which gives access to the housing and work market. Please see Residency and Immigration for full details on residential statuses in Jersey.

Those who are approved are able to access a specific tax rate of 20% on the first £1,250,000 of worldwide income then 1% on any worldwide income above this. Please note any income earned from land and buildings in Jersey, or dividends paid from a company in receipt of Jersey property income, is taxed at 20%. See Tax and Contributions in Jersey for more information.

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Peter Falla

"The process of moving to Jersey has been amazing and the people here have been so supportive, right down to the minute detail. From a lifestyle perspective, I have been really impressed with what Jersey can offer. My wife and I live in a lovely house near the coast, and I am very much enjoying immersing myself in the local food and sports scenes. I can often be found at one of the local eateries, or down at the rugby club watching the Jersey Reds”.

Peter Falla