Richard Urban

“Jersey is home to a highly talented workforce… in a highly regarded and well-regulated jurisdiction… It’s a place where you can have a fulfilling, successful career; a beautiful home and have the time to enjoy it all.”

Richard Urban (Founder)

With jobs and a home in the UK they loved, friends of Richard and Zoe Urban were curious as to why they would give up their desirable situation, to up sticks and move to an unknown quantity in Jersey.

“I was a fund manager in the City; was well looked after, in a role I greatly enjoyed and we had a beautiful home,” explains Richard. “But what we didn’t have was ‘time’. After our long daily commutes, we had barely an hour together in the evenings. Our weekends were largely spent recuperating from our exhausting work schedules or doing the domestic administration we hadn’t got through during the week.


“We realised that we needed a fundamental life change, but having both built up successful careers, neither of us wanted to compromise what we had achieved. Listening to our older peers, we knew that if we ploughed on, hoping that one day we’d find the time to do the things that we really enjoy, we might be waiting a very long time!

We were also very keen to start a family and I didn’t want to be the ‘absentee dad’ that I had seen many of my colleagues and friends become – out of the door before 7am and rarely home before 8pm.”

“At the point at which we were considering our lifestyle conundrum, I identified a career opportunity to specialise as a non-executive director within the funds world. We decided to combine this career opportunity with our plans to move somewhere which would allow us to spend more time with one another.”

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“We had visited Jersey previously and really liked the vibe of the Island. It is a relaxed place, yet culturally similar to the UK and its proximity to our family and friends means that they can get here quickly and cheaply.

On a professional level, Jersey is home to a highly talented workforce and a huge number of real estate funds, which are my specialisation. This has provided me with the working opportunities I was seeking, in a highly regarded and well-regulated jurisdiction. I continue to work with quality professionals, undertaking exciting, high profile work – this was a really important factor for me in our move.”

“During a series of fact finding visits to the Island, I made contact with the team at Locate Jersey, to ask for their assistance. They were exceptionally helpful and were able to guide me through the process of relocating to Jersey – their openness and passion for supporting businesses on the Island made the process as straightforward as possible.

Our longed-for work-life balance became a reality for us in 2014 when our son Emrys was born. We are very excited about the lifestyle that Emrys will be able to enjoy, growing up and going to school in such a beautiful, safe place. We love the fact there is so much to do in Jersey. I am a huge rugby fan and we live less than five minutes from Jersey’s rugby club! It’s a place where you can have a fulfilling, successful career; a beautiful home and have the time to enjoy it all”.

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