"Having easy access to the right guidance and advice was invaluable in getting the office up and running...Just over a year on the firm remains impressed by Jersey’s overall ‘open for business’ mentality."

Having had experience of working in the Channel Islands in a previous role, Andy Partlow, Director of the offshore arm of recruitment business Alexander Daniels, saw in Jersey an opportunity to grow the ambitious company even further. He helped set up a new office in 2018, a decision that is now providing the firm with some exciting opportunities.

Established 10 years ago, Alexander Daniels works across a number of professional sectors, including; financial services, accountancy, legal, HR and energy. With a head office in Birmingham, over the past decade the company has taken an increasingly international perspective, establishing offices in Spain, Germany, Scotland, the US and, most recently, the Channel Islands.

“Our growth has really been driven by firms and individuals who value our passion for the sectors we’re working in and our proactive and consultative approach,” explains Andy. “That means constantly working to make sure businesses get the right people for the right roles, and that people are finding real fulfilment in their careers.”

Picture: Andy Partlow, Director at Alexander Daniels Offshore (Jersey)

After moving to Alexander Daniels in 2015, Andy had some conversations at head office, which ultimately led to the strategic decision to look at the Channel Islands. He was tasked with setting up the firm’s Guernsey office in 2016, a move that proved very successful, and that success prompted the firm to look at Jersey as well.

“It was seemingly an obvious move,” recalls Andy. “Although as island economies the two are comparable, they are also quite different. Our view was that our knowledge of the key financial, legal and accountancy sectors in Jersey would stand us in good stead.”

And so, in July 2018, Alexander Daniels took the step to bolster its Channel Islands presence and establish an office in St Helier.

Although knowing a few people in the Island already from previous roles certainly helped, having easy access to the right guidance and advice was invaluable in getting the office up and running, says Andy:

“Establishing an office anywhere from scratch is a massive challenge, so to have such easy access to advice during the whole process was absolutely paramount. The support from Locate Jersey was exceptional, and we got some fantastic guidance from other businesses and advisers, which really helped manage expectations internally and get us through the more bureaucratic processes involved in setting up an office.”

Just over a year on, and the firm remains impressed by Jersey’s overall ‘open for business’ mentality.

“We’ve been really pleased with the fact that firms in Jersey have been more than happy to hear about our consultative approach,” explains Andy. “What we have found is that firms here are focused on quality, getting the best candidates to give them an edge and show what they are all about in a really competitive marketplace.

It’s also a really cosmopolitan community, which adds an exciting dynamic and brings different skillsets to the market. That’s interesting from a recruitment perspective.”

St Helier is a modern, cosmopolitan business centre

The business is clearly focused on future growth in the Channel Islands, with ambitions to become the leading recruitment business across the islands.

Reinforcing this focus and helping to take the business forward in Jersey, the company have now relocated one of their Directors, Steve Hubert, to spearhead the development of the Jersey office over the next couple of years.

Picture: Steve Hubert, Director at Alexander Daniels Offshore (Jersey)

The move will allow the company to nurture and develop their Jersey team, enabling Alexander Daniels Offshore to put in place a clear succession plan for the future.

“We see the Channel Islands as mature markets,” says Andy. “Certainly, our experience in Jersey so far has been that businesses here are largely thriving, the economy is stable, and businesses are very open, welcoming and place real value on their people, which is fantastic from our point of view.”

Looking forward, the firm is positive on its future, pointing to the sophistication of business in Jersey, the focus they have on professionalism, and the digital aspirations of firms.

“It’s a really exciting time to be working in our industry in Jersey,” says Andy. “Our focus now is on enhancing our visibility in the local community and building a strong platform to position us strongly for the coming years.”


To discover more about the benefits and process of establishing your business in Jersey take a look at our pages Why Jersey and The Process of Establishing a Business in Jersey. Alternatively you can get in touch today by calling +44(0)1534 440604 or emailing locatejersey@gov.je.

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