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Process: Business

Process: Establishing your business

Jersey welcomes high-value, low footprint businesses. We can advise and assist you through every step of relocating your business in Jersey from the initial enquiry to support for your application and helping to build a new network of contacts in the island.

Meet Locate Jersey

For a confidential discussion about moving your business to Jersey, contact us via or by calling +44(0)1534 440604, if you know which team member you would like to speak to, you can find their contact details here. Alternatively, you can contact us via your intermediary* for initial discussions and introductions.


Prepare your Application

We guide you through the application process, assisting you or your intermediary to prepare your business plan and supporting documentation.

We can also arrange meetings with relevant business contacts and liaise with other local government departments on your behalf, for example Jersey Customs and Immigration Service.

We would normally allow three weeks for this work to be completed to ensure that the application is in its best possible form for submission.

For more information on business applications follow the link.

Submit your application

Locate Jersey mediate between you and the regulator. We facilitate the submission of your application form, business plan and company formation/registration documents, requests for essential employees, and any other supporting documents, to Jersey’s Population Office, along with our recommendation.

Approval process

The Population Office will assess your application against the States of Jersey’s Population policies and the Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law and will make a decision. This process can take up to 15 working days**.

Locate Jersey will communicate the decision to you as soon as it is received.  This will be followed by a formal confirmation from the Population Office.

What's next

Locate Jersey provide aftercare and advice as you set up your business in Jersey, with access to networking events, partnership working opportunities and assistance with additional staffing requests.

You will also need to register with Income Tax and Social Security and obtain your Jersey ‘Registration Card’. For more information on residency follow the link.

* A business may wish to use the services of an intermediary firm such as an accountant, lawyer or Trust Company to act on their behalf during this process. Should the business be looking to form a Jersey Limited company, as the business is not locally-owned, they will require an intermediary who holds the relevant Trust Business registration with the JFSC.

** If decision is taken under delegated powers it will be dealt with within the standard timeframe. If however the application has significant resource implications or is deemed contentious in any way, it can be referred to the Housing & Work Advisory Group which meets approximately every fortnight and which may add additional time to the decision process.