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Where quality of life meets a high-quality business environment.
A leading jurisdiction with tax rates among the lowest in Europe, discover how moving to Jersey can make a difference for you, your business and your family.


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“I would wholeheartedly recommend Jersey as a place to do business. We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the Island and we continue to encounter professional, like-minded personnel, who are a delight to deal with.”

Sheila Dean - Group Managing Director, Equiom

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“We have added ten people locally to the’s been quite a rapid growth. It made sense to hire from the Island where we can, as there is such a wealth of talent available. ”

Ben Dixon and Paul Rouse

Systematica, General Counsel & COO

Ben Dixon and Paul Rouse

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Tue 20 November 2018

BLOG: Jersey - a Motorsport-lover's Dream

Gabby Mason the team's extreme sport and motorsport lover, tells us why the Jersey Rally is her event of the year, and how Jersey is a motorsport enthusiast's dream home. Get your engines ready for an account that will have you packing your bags ready to move to Jersey.

BLOG: Jersey - a Motorsport-lover's Dream