With an established reputation for attracting successful businesses and entrepreneurs to its beautiful shores, Jersey is a location for those who want to be based in a thriving business environment. If you would like to know more about establishing your digital business in Jersey, please see Moving to Jersey with Your Business or contact a member of the team on +44(0)1534 440604 or locatejersey@gov.je

Fast Growing Digital Ecosystem

Ranked 1st in the World Broadband Speed League 2023, Jersey was the first jurisdiction in the world to make 100% pure 1GB fibre (FTTP) available to every broadband user. Jersey is proud to say it is the fastest and best-connected island in the world.

A responsive way of thinking, critical infrastructure, a digitally enabled workforce and a drive to make Jersey a dynamic international digital centre have all created outstanding opportunities to grow and accelerate tech business. Give yourself the competitive edge over your worldwide competitors and let the Island’s entrepreneurial spirit, advanced infrastructure and pro-business government lead you to innovation and growth.


Tech Industry

Digital Employment by Activity

Jersey has a thriving and vibrant digital-tech community with over 3,000 people employed in the sector, from large tech businesses to entrepreneurs. The average productivity per full time equivalent employee (FTW) is approximately £91,000. In addition, telecom productivity is now comparable to the Finance Industry, making it a key piece of the digital economy.

  • 1% repair or computers and communication equipment
  • 41% Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
  • 9% film, TV, video, radio and music
  • 15% software publishing activity
  • 30% telecommunications
  • 4% information service activities

Digital Jersey Hub

The Digital Jersey Hub acts as a centre and meeting place for the Island’s tech community as a co-working, member space. Members can come together to work, learn, share skills and innovate. The facilities include incubator space, hot-desking and dedicated office space, meeting rooms and event facilities for work, networking, educational events, and hackathons! With a collaborative and energetic environment, it is designed so that digital companies and entrepreneurs can thrive and innovate in a modern workspace.

Tech Industry

DJ Xchange and Sandbox Jersey

The Digital Jersey Xchange (DJX) innovation lab is a dedicated research and development space, located outside of St Helier, close to Jersey’s airport and one of Jersey’s best-known beaches for surf. DJX provides a strong launchpad for Jersey as a world-class technology and IoT testbed and is a key tool in Sandbox Jersey.

Sandbox Jersey allows companies and entrepreneurs to visit the Island to test and launch new tech in a campus-like environment, without the high cost and complex legal, government and regulatory barriers. Sandbox Jersey also gives users access to a wealth of data, and people to inform and test their products before scaling up internationally. The Island’s secure and world-class infrastructure and enclosed environment makes Jersey an ideal and unique testbed.

Tech Industry

Digital Academy

The Digital Academy is the Island’s first Centre of Excellence for digital education and the development and training of digital skills. The facility works with leading industry partners and education providers to offer a wide range of full-time and part-time digital courses, workshops and events as part of The Digital Leadership Programme. The courses are designed for both school leavers and for mature students who want to expand and enhance their existing skills. There are also in-work apprenticeships and part-time courses in coding and other areas of digital development. 

Tech Industry

The Barclays Eagle Lab

The Barclays Eagle Lab is designed to grow local businesses’ digital technology skills and capabilities and enhance their creativity in an innovative environment. The Lab, which is a partnership project with the Government of Jersey, provides a co-working space and access to high-tech resources at the Jersey Library and is helping to digitally empower local businesses.

Sector Growth

Jersey’s tech and creative ecosystem is thriving and as a response its contribution to the local economy is growing rapidly. The Gross Value Added (GVA) contributed from the tech sector in Jersey outperformed the comparable UK level, solidifying the sector as a fundamental part of the local economy. The Island boasts over 400 purely digital businesses and over 3000 working [digital] professionals. Thanks to this network of passionate individuals and entrepreneurs, the advanced digital infrastructure and Jersey’s reputation as a place to do business, the Island is rapidly developing into a proactive and world leading tech hub. It’s the perfect place for pioneering tech businesses.

  • Over 3000 employed in the digital economy
  • Over 100 digital jobs created each year
  • Over 1000 jobs created since 2010
  • Over 400 purely digital businesses established on the Island
  • Dedicated digital start-up support available
  • £158 million Digital Gross Value Added
Tech Industry

Digital Infrastructure

Jersey is a world leader in digital infrastructure. Ranked 1st in the World Broadband Speed League 2023, Jersey was the first jurisdiction in the world to make 100% pure 1GB fibre (FTTP) available to every broadband user. Jersey is proud to say it is the fastest and best-connected island in the world and guarantees you a download speed of at least 500 megabits per second. Businesses and individuals can rely on fast connectivity resulting in increased productivity, lower overheads, and the ability for remote and flexible working.

The Island boasts 3 IoT Networks, including LORA + LTE Cat M + NBIoT (M2M), and world-class data centres. Jersey’s network infrastructure can process significant volumes of data at a much higher speed compared to many global locations. The resilient and outstanding, high-bandwidth communication links with both the UK and France, give new business opportunities as companies look to store data in a secure and well-regulated jurisdiction, and gives the ability for businesses to fully integrate with the global market economy. This, when combined with the Island’s central time zone, is a significant benefit for businesses seeking to undertake high-intensity, time-critical technology development and testing.

Thanks to the Government of Jersey’s responsive way of thinking, and drive to keep Jersey a dynamic international business centre, the Island continuously develops its digital network infrastructure to ensure we remain world competitors and to create outstanding opportunities to grow and accelerate businesses.  

To find out more about infrastructure in Jersey please see Infrastructure


Jersey has an extensive telecommunications network with 95% of the Island covered by three 4G mobile phone networks. Jersey provides resilient fixed and mobile capabilities for working in a way that suits both companies and individuals. Jersey’s 3 telecom providers are JT, Sure and Airtel-Vodafone.

The Island’s telecoms network is supported by 4 submarine communication cables and 2 microwave links. 

Although independent and not part of the UK the Island is incorporated into the UK National Telephone Numbering Plan, using the area code +44 (0) 1534.

To find out more about infrastructure in Jersey please see Infrastructure

Working in Partnership with Digital Jersey

Jersey’s digital sector is led, developed and supported by Digital Jersey, the government-backed industry body. Its primary objectives are to:

    • support sustainable economic growth in Jersey’s digital sector
    • enable a connected, digital society
    • offer enhanced quality of life
    • establish Jersey as an internationally well-regarded digital centre.

Digital Jersey provides a recognisable face and touchstone for the Island’s digital industries, including business support and skills.

Locate Jersey work in partnership with Digital Jersey in attracting and supporting the relocation of digital businesses and successful digital entrepreneurs. With our joint expertise, we can provide advice and guidance on everything from business license applications to work permit requirements for relocating key staff, to sourcing local employees within the tech industry.

Contact Digital Jersey: on +44(0)1534 789333 or info@digital.je

Tech Industry

Jersey for Fintech

Jersey for Fintech is a collaboration between the Government of Jersey and key agencies to promote Jersey as the ideal location for fintech firms to establish, grow and flourish.

Throughout its history, Jersey has embraced economic opportunities and innovation. The Island has been a forward-thinking international finance centre (IFC) for almost 60 years and with a 100% 1GB full fibre point-to-point network, Jersey is the best-connected location in Europe. The Island recognises that a number of vital components need to be in place in order for a jurisdiction to be an attractive fintech hub. Other than close proximity to a thriving and innovative financial services sector, Jersey has world-leading digital infrastructure, a proactive and supportive government and regulator, an active digital industry body, and a growing skills base boosted by an on-island digital skills academy. With the right enablers in place, Jersey has created an ideal environment for fintech to thrive.

Jersey is at the forefront of funds, banking, private wealth and capital markets, and also supports the specialist areas of sustainable finance, philanthropy and Islamic finance. The Island was quick to recognise the opportunities presented by fintech and has worked hard to develop an attractive proposition for innovative start-ups and established businesses alike. Enabled by fintech and advanced technologies, Jersey’s finance industry is open for business and our digital aspiration remains to be the easiest IFC to do business with remotely in a digital world. 

Jersey’s highly respected regulation has been acknowledged by a number of independent assessments, with clear recognition coming from some of the world’s leading bodies, including the OECD, IMF and World Bank. 

At 45 square miles, Jersey is an island with a full economy. Jersey’s finance sector serves a variety of clients, including Islanders, ultra-high net worth families and individuals, SMEs, and hedge and private equity funds. These clients’ wide-ranging set of product and service demands present significant opportunities for fintech in Jersey. As an established International Finance Centre for almost 60 years Jersey has seen Fintechs, aligned to the needs of its finance industry start, grow, and scale on the Island, and established Fintechs relocate.

With an ultra-connected business environment, both financial and tech sectors are in close proximity to each other resulting in strong collaboration and partnerships. With support from Digital Jersey, Locate Jersey and Jersey Finance, the future for finance and fintech in Jersey is bright. The Island’s key agencies are in constant contact with the fintech community, providing platforms for events and networking, while also listening to the needs of the sectors to inform strategic priorities, enhance our legal and regulatory position, and remove points of friction. Jersey for Finance, Jersey for Technology, Jersey for Fintech.

Tech Industry

Regulation in Jersey

Jersey is a compliant and cooperative jurisdiction, meeting the international standards set by a number of worldwide organisations and international regulatory bodies from the EU to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and many others. Operating its own judicial system, which is based on common law principles, Jersey’s large degree of autonomy from the UK and EU means that the Island is able to implement and manage its own regulatory regimes. 

The two key regulatory frameworks for Fintech business in Jersey are those overseen by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) and Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner. Legislation and regulation are developed by Government, alongside the relevant Regulatory bodies, in close consultation with industry. Jersey’s principles-based approach to financial services regulation remains well balanced, practical and flexible enough to rapidly adapt to innovative products and services. The Island’s focus on, and investment in, financial services as a core industry, enables businesses to meaningfully engage with regulators at every stage, providing an avenue to discuss initiatives early and iterate proposals on a case-by-case basis. The JFSC is a member of the Global Financial Innovation Network (GFIN), a network of international regulators and related organisations committed to supporting financial innovation.

Jersey also has equivalent principles to the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This means individuals’ privacy rights are strengthened, information will be safer, and crucially, firms using Jersey as their innovation or technology hub can do so with the certainty of familiar data protection legislation.

Jersey is rapidly becoming the ‘jurisdiction of choice’ for remote gambling operators. Gambling in Jersey is regulated by progressive yet robust legislation. Providers of gambling services in the Island must be licenced, registered and regulated by the Jersey Gambling Commission (JGC). There are two sets of regulations and required licences which cover gambling and e-gaming in Jersey, B2B ‘business to business’ and B2C ‘business to consumer’. Jersey enjoys a cooperative and beneficial relationship with the UK and Jersey licensees may apply for a UK Gambling Commission remote gambling licence to operate into the mature UK market. In addition to a low-cost licence fee there is no gambling duty. 

For more information on Regulation and Legislation in Jersey follow the link. 

Tax in Jersey

Jersey is a low tax jurisdiction with some of the lowest tax rates in Europe. With low personal tax rates, no CGT or IHT, and 0% business tax (10% for certain regulated financial services businesses) discover how relocating to the beautiful island of Jersey can pave the way to success for you, your team and your family.

  • 0/10 Business Tax Regime
  • 20% maximum personal tax (+ a Long-Term Care contribution)
  • 5% Goods and Service Tax (GST)
  • No Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • No Inheritance Tax (IHT)
  • Specific tax regime for HNWIs

We're Connected

With major financial centres only a short flight away, moving to Jersey puts you at the heart of world-wide travel networks. 14 miles (20 km) from France and just a 40-minute flight to London, Jersey’s strategic location makes travel easy and enjoyable. With daily flights to international hub airports, easy access to major European and UK cities, Jersey is your starting point for a world of connections.

Jersey’s airport and private airfield are easy to access, so you can be home within minutes, ready to slip back into the Island’s relaxed pace of life. Move to Jersey and the rest of the world is at your fingertips!

Finding a location that offers the best advantages for your business might be one of your driving forces, but choosing a place to become your home is about much more. Jersey gives you the connectivity of a city with an island lifestyle, the best of both worlds for you, your family and your business. With the right enablers in place, Jersey has created an ideal environment for tech to thrive.

Chris Jenkins

“It’s actually very difficult to think of anywhere else in the world that can so successfully combine a safe, family environment with such a sophisticated business infrastructure…The commitment Jersey has to developing its digital infrastructure and capabilities was also a big draw.”

Chris Jenkins (Managing Director, Tora)

For more information about life in Jersey in the digital-tech space, or to find out the latest tech news check out our News and Blogs section. If you would like to know more about establishing your business in Jersey, please see Moving to Jersey with Your Business. Alternatively contact a member of the team on +44(0)1534 440604 or locatejersey@gov.je

“Once I got talking to some of the people here about the business landscape and Jersey’s ambitions in the digital space, it was a no brainer really. We had looked at other options, but we kept on coming back to the reality that in Jersey there were really no barriers. It felt like there was an affinity between what we do as a business and what Jersey was doing as a jurisdiction – plus it’s familiar in terms of language, has a sophisticated and cosmopolitan economy and offers really easy access to the UK”.

Daniel Rowles - CEO, Target Internet

Daniel Rowles