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Transport Links

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A leading jurisdiction with a global reach. Jersey opens up a world of connections putting you and your business at an advantage. Move to Jersey and gain all the advantages of an offshore destination, with the practicalities of swift and secure connections to the rest of the world.

Located in the west of the Island, Jersey’s airport and private airfield are easy to access, so you can be home within minutes, ready to slip back into the Island’s relaxed pace of life.

With over 30 daily flights into key UK cities, with a flight time of just 40-minutes to London, and direct flights into major European cities, major financial centres are only a short flight away putting you at the heart of worldwide travel networks. 

Jersey is also connected to both the UK and Europe through daily ferry sailings which dock in Poole, Portsmouth, Guernsey and St Malo (France). Jersey’s port is a lifeline, facilitating 98.6% of all goods coming into Jersey.

The Island also boasts over 1,000 berths across 3 award-winning, 5 gold anchor marinas, all of which are in close proximity to the vibrant centre of St Helier. The marinas offer excellent facilities, and an exclusive lifestyle that only premium marina locations can offer. Those who prefer a more rustic charm can take on a mooring in one of the Island’s many smaller harbours found Island-wide, in sheltered bays.   

Move to Jersey, the best-connected Island in the British Isles and the rest of the world is at your fingertips!

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Ports of Jersey

Jersey’s ports (airport and harbours) are operated by Ports of Jersey Ltd, which was incorporated in 2015 and is overseen by a Board of Directors. Their role is to continue to develop the facilities, services and products for the benefit of residents, visitors and businesses. They also undertake a number of public service obligations on behalf of the Island’s Government, including Jersey Coastguard and Historic Harbours.

Digital Infrastructure

Jersey has a fast-growing digital eco-system. Ranked fastest in the World Broadband Speed League 2023, Jersey was the first jurisdiction in the world to make 100% pure 1GB fibre (FTTP) available to every broadband user. Businesses and individuals can rely on fast connectivity resulting in increased productivity, lower overheads, and the ability for remote and flexible working.

Jersey is proud to say it is the fastest and best-connected island in the world, with guaranteed download speeds of at least 500 megabits per second. 

The Island boasts; 3 IoT Networks, including LORA + LTE Cat M + NBIoT (M2M), and world class data centres. The resilient and outstanding, high-bandwidth communication links provide new business opportunities, as companies look to store data in secure and well-regulated jurisdictions and the ability for businesses to fully integrate with the global market economy.

One of Jersey’s latest initiatives is the development of Sandbox Jersey by Digital Jersey, which offers Jersey as a unique testbed for businesses looking to test products and services. Sandbox Jersey allows users to access a wealth of data, and people, in a geographically small area.

Thanks to the Government’s responsive way of thinking, and drive to keep Jersey a dynamic international business centre, the Island continuously develops its digital infrastructure to ensure we remain a leading jurisdiction and to create outstanding opportunities to grow and accelerate businesses. 

Give yourself the competitive edge over your worldwide competitors and let the Island’s entrepreneurial spirit, advanced infrastructure and pro-business Government lead you to innovation and growth. 

If you would like to know about the Digital-Tech Industry in Jersey please see our sector page Tech Industry.



Despite its size, Jersey has an extensive telecommunications network with a phone mast density 5 times that of the UK as a whole. The Island has 3 Tier 1 Telecoms providers, all of which have 4G networks accessible to all users Island-wide. Jersey’s 3 telecoms providers are JT, Sure and Airtel-Vodafone.

The Island’s telecoms network is supported by 4 submarine communication cables and 2 microwave links. 

Although independent and not part of the UK the Island is incorporated into the UK National Telephone Numbering Plan, using the area code +44 (0) 1534. 

Commercial Property

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Jersey has a variety of commercial space available, suitable for any business’ needs, from hot-desking environments to newly refurbished buildings and contemporary new builds. Every commercial (and residential building) also has access to 1GB fibre. 

Through the Government-owned Jersey Development Company (JDC) investment is being made into the Islands future through regeneration and strategic property development to support Jersey’s infrastructure and economy. The new developments all include landscaped areas and open green spaces for the public to enjoy.

Included in this property development is the construction of Grade A office space with BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating. An example of this is the prestigious IFC Jersey development. IFC Jersey is in the heart of St Helier providing a world-class business hub with environmentally sustainable Grade A office space which meets operational efficiency standards. The entire project will aim to provide 470,000 square feet of office space across 6 buildings each with private car parking space below, and 520 public parking spaces on 3 levels below a public park.

No matter what your business needs are, you can be sure you will find the right property that allows you and your business to flourish.

Support Services

The Island offers complete critical infrastructure, with easy access to key stakeholders, regulators, industry and government. The Government supports the Island’s growth as an international business centre and ensures the correct implementation of infrastructure and legislation needed for this growth.

Key Government officials and decision makers are accessible, and the Island is known for its globally renowned professional service providers all of whom are within easy reach.  

Let the Island’s world-class infrastructure, professional services and pro-business Government lead you to growth and prosperity.

Power and Water Supply

Jersey is well equipped to meet the demands of the population (and future generations) in regard to the supply of energy and water. The Island has 3 key suppliers, Jersey Electricity, Jersey Gas and Jersey Water. Government are major shareholders in both Jersey Electricity and Jersey Water which ensures security of supply and the development of infrastructure and policies. 

Jersey Electricity is the Island’s key electricity provider, with the Government of Jersey as a major shareholder owning 62% of the Ordinary Share capital. The reliability of energy to the Island is 10 times higher than the UK mainland and the supply is virtually de-carbonised. Between 90 and 95% of Jersey’s electricity is imported from low carbon sources in France (nuclear and hydro) through 3 undersea supply cables. The way in which the cables are laid adds additional security to the Island’s supply. By investing in these sustainable sources to meet both the demands of today and the next generation, the Island was able to reduce its carbon footprint by 40%, leaving a positive legacy. The remainder of energy comes from the Government-owned Energy from Waste Plant and local generation from the La Collette power station. 

Jersey Gas, part of Islands’ Energy Group, is the Island’s residential gas supplier. The Gas used in Jersey is Liquefied Petroleum Gas which is produced off-Island. After temporary storage in European refineries, it is transported to Jersey’s bulk storage terminals through tanker ships. The tankers are a common sight in Jersey waters, due to their frequent sailings to the Island with large cargoes of LPG, ensuring the Island’s security of a long-term supply. 

Jersey Water is the Island’s sole water supplier, with the Government of Jersey as a major shareholder, owning approximately 74% of the company. The majority of properties in the Island are linked to the mains water supply however a few have private boreholes and wells. To meet the daily demands for water there is a comprehensive network of reservoirs, treatment works and pipelines. Water supply comes from a variety of sources and the Island has its own desalination plant using sea water which can be started up and can meet half the Island’s daily demand when required. The quality of drinking water in Jersey is continually monitored and water is specifically selected from the reservoirs to provide the best quality water at any time. The laws and regulations that are in place regulate the quality of the water to meet European Union Directives on water quality.

Postal Services


Jersey Post is the Island’s postal service. It operates a network of 21 post offices across the Island. They provide postal delivery services to all Jersey households and businesses, 6 days a week. Working with their global partner network of over 190 countries, Jersey Post has developed a comprehensive range of specialist, worldwide distribution routes and have established trading locations outside of the Channel Islands including:

    • Newark (USA)
    • Chicago (USA)
    • Hong Kong
    • UK.

This enables them to provide on- and off-Island logistics management for any size, or type of item.

The Island also has international courier companies such as Hermes, DHL, Transfer 2000, UPS, Ferryspeed, TNT, and many more! In addition, the Island can also boast a number of locally grown businesses offering courier and shipping services.

Chris Jenkins

“It’s actually very difficult to think of anywhere else in the world that can so successfully combine a safe, family environment with such a sophisticated business infrastructure.”

Chris Jenkins (Managing Director, TORA)

If you would like to know more about Island life, see Why Jersey or Living and Working in Jersey. To contact a member of the team, call +44(0)1534 440604 or email