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Why Jersey?

Discover Jersey from all sides - space to thrive for your family and your business

Discover Jersey from all sides

Space to thrive for your family and your business

HVR Tax Regime
Low tax
Up to 12 flights a day to London
3 Marinas 5 gold anchor standard
St Helier Marina
Stunning coast and countryside
High performing schools
Sand Dunes
3 Championship Golf Courses
La Moye Golf Club
Highly regarded and well-regulated international jurisdiction
A safe and secure environment where people and business can thrive
St Aubin
Access to support and facilitation via Locate Jersey
Population 100,000
Ouisnaie Beach
Government support for digital tech industries
Social security contribution for employers
Duncan Sandlant
Attractively located office space at the heart of a thriving business centre
Liberty Wharf
Highly-developed Communications Networks
St Ouens Bay
Michelin starred food
Michelin-starred restaurants
Links to over 20 mainland UK airports
Annual worldwide income tax
HVR Tax Regime
Sarah Garood
Graham Waters
48 miles of coastland, beaches and bays
St Ouens Beach