“Locate Jersey were incredibly helpful during the process of establishing ourselves in the Island...It couldn’t have been easier really, and the welcome we’ve had from existing and new contacts has been amazing.”

First Intuition is a UK-wide professional services training network. Through a combination of face-to-face teaching and online learning, the team deliver a broad range of accountancy and company secretarial qualifications and professional development courses.


First Intuition originally launched in 2007 in the UK, and by 2017 Managing Partner Sarah Colley and other Channel Island partners Camilla Starr and Alice Turian, had established First Intuition in Guernsey. After identifying a gap in the market for a more personalised professional service centre, Sarah Colley decided it was the right time to bring First Intuition Jersey.

In 2018 the company secured a key pan-island client and with Jersey’s strong ethos of being open for business and embracing of healthy competition and choice, Sarah felt it was time to create a truly pan-island base for First Intuition:

“A lot of the businesses we work with, in finance and other sectors, are pan-island anyway, so it’s a sensible step for us to be able to offer a consistent and familiar service across both islands.”

An additional factor which contributed to the move was Jersey’s reputation as a top International Finance Centre, Sarah explains:

“Jersey is world-renowned, it stands to reason that every firm here wants the best training for its staff to ensure they meet the demands of the industry and can compete effectively in a global marketplace.”

First Intuition’s pan-island expansion happened a lot quicker than anticipated and this is credited this to the invaluable support the team received from on-island Jersey contacts and partners offering assistance in regulation matters between Guernsey and Jersey.

“In particular, Locate Jersey were incredibly helpful during the process of establishing ourselves in the Island, whilst the local estate agents were fantastic in helping us to secure our wonderful space in good time – we were very lucky to find the perfect location for our offices and classrooms at 1 Seale Street, in central St. Helier. It couldn’t have been easier really and the welcome we’ve had from existing and new contacts has been amazing”.

First Intuition’s Jersey office employs locally qualified individuals and the Channel Island partners fly to Jersey on a regular basis to support the Jersey team. The company sees Jersey as a platform for growth as they aim to be the provider of choice for professional services and company secretarial studies.


“Businesses here are clearly focused on upskilling and in bringing in new skillsets to their organisation. There seems to be a genuine appreciation here that being able to demonstrate a commitment to training and cutting-edge skills can be a real differentiator in the marketplace.”

Looking forward into the future of First Intuition, Sarah sees further expansion in Jersey but is mindful that this growth will not dilute the company’s personal approach, a value held in high regard across the organisation.

“We do see ourselves growing our team in Jersey in the future and we have already started that process. We’re looking to put ourselves in a strong position to serve local businesses and play a key role in helping them to grow over the coming years.”


To discover more about the benefits and process of moving your business to Jersey get in touch today on +44(0)1534 440604 or email locatejersey@gov.je. Alternatively you can also find more information here.

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