Duncan Sandlant

“One of my favourite things about Jersey is flying in from a business trip and heading straight to the beach with the kids for a swim… all within half an hour of landing. You can’t do that in many other places in the UK!...it is now quicker for me to get to my clients around the UK and France from Jersey than it ever was from London”

Duncan Sandlant (Managing Director)

Managing the careers of elite athletes around the globe is a business which inevitably entails a huge amount of travel and so, when establishing a new European office for Esportif International, easy access to regional and worldwide transport networks was crucial. Managing Director, Duncan Sandlant explains:

“As a sports management business, specialising in working with rugby players, managers and coaches, we spend significant time visiting our clients at their clubs around the world. A large part of my schedule involves travelling across England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy as well as visiting our offices and clients in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Having been previously based in south London, I seemed to spend the majority of my time on a motorway, often stuck in traffic for hours on end. With a young family I began to question whether an alternative location might serve both the business and my personal life better.

A family member who had visited the Island recommended Jersey as a beautiful place to live and work and, as it sits at the heart of the geographical territories in which I operate, it seemed worth looking into.”

The Sandlant family quickly found they were living in Jersey withing a matter of months!

“In the first instance (being a lawyer myself) I fired off an email to one of the Jersey law firms, enquiring how I would go about moving my business to the island. They immediately put me in touch with the team at Locate Jersey and from thereon in it was plain sailing. The team signposted us from the beginning to the end of the set-up process and eased us through the relatively straightforward machinations of the statutory paperwork required. They put me in touch with a property management company and through them we sourced central offices in St Helier and within a matter of months we found ourselves living in Jersey”.

“As a family, we very quickly found a wonderful school for our children surrounded by space and greenery. We have also managed to set down roots in one of the Island’s leafy parishes, which is only a few minutes’ drive away from the airport.

These days I spend more of my time on a plane than in a car (which enables me to work instead of drive) and amazingly it is now quicker for me to get to my clients around the UK and France from Jersey than it ever was from London. Door to door I can be in meetings in Bath, Leicester, Belfast, Paris, Cardiff or Edinburgh in less than two hours.”


“As well as being an ideal base for the business, Jersey is a perfect location for us to host our clients. We have already held a successful conference for some of the rugby world’s leading coaches and are looking to repeat this again in the future. We think that our clients feel very at home in such a beautiful place with its strong rugby heritage.”


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