In our latest blog we explore what we think are the top 10 reasons to base your Natural Resources or Renewable Energy business in Jersey.

1. Easy Direct Access to Capital Markets
Picture: Ouaisne Bay, one of the many beaches close to the Island's cosmopolitan centre, St. Helier.

1. Easy Direct Access to Capital Markets

Jersey is a cosmopolitan and international location with a vibrant business centre and a host of globally-focussed companies facilitating international cross-border business flows. Jersey has been operating in the international financial services arena for well over 50 years. During this time it has developed expansive business links with foreign markets and direct access to international banking and capital markets. Jersey is a conduit for business [of all forms], trade and investment. It’s an ideal location to base your HQ or corporate office.

2. Over 30 Daily Flights to Key UK Airports (Its just 35 mins to London!)

The best connected Island in the British Isles, Jersey has a bustling airport and harbour. It has daily flights to major UK airports, with at least 12 into London per day (a flight time of just 35 minutes!) Perfect if you have meetings in the City, you can be in and out within the day and home in time for some quality time with family!

Certainly a faster commute than what many experience, and for those who like a bit more exclusivity the Island also has its own private airfield and hanger space.

Moving to Jersey means you get to enjoy the connectivity of a city, having the rest of the world at your fingertips, but also have an unbeatable Island lifestyle to come home to.

Blog: 10 Reasons to base your Natural Resources or Renewable Energy Business in Jersey
Pictured above: an areoplane leaves Jersey airport. Photo Credit: Oliver Daniels Photography

3. Centrally located to Europe

Jersey is ideally situated just 12 miles off the French coast within the Bay of St Malo and a short flight from mainland UK (or Europe).

In Jersey you can have all the advantages of an offshore destination and benefit from the Island’s independence but still have easy and swift connections into EU, UK and the rest of the world, be it North America or Africa!

The Island’s ideal position in close proximity to European and UK cities offers good connections to your worldwide operations yet still allows you to sit squarely between the time zones of key international markets. Did someone say Goldilocks zone?

Blog: 10 Reasons to base your Natural Resources or Renewable Energy Business in Jersey
Picture: drone photgraph of Jersey from the sea.

4. Safe, Community Lifestyle

One of the most common deciding factors, that many of our clients say helped them chose Jersey over other jurisdictions, was the Island’s safe and community-focussed lifestyle.

Unlike some other jurisdictions which may seem like a more obvious choice to base a natural resources business, Jersey has a particularly safe reputation with very low crime rates and virtually no to minimal serious crime taking place. Children (and adults) alike are able to enjoy life and thrive on the Island safe in the knowledge they are secure here. Many clients have said they and their families are discovering a new found freedom (personally and in business!).

Individuals and families living in Jersey are able to thrive on the Island in a secure environment that allows them to discover a new found freedom, both personally and in business.

The Island is very proud of its traditions, with a very strong community still evident in the 12 parishes. New arrivals to Jersey will often comment on how friendly and welcoming islanders are and how willing the community is to bring new arrivals into their circle.

For those who are used to living in a busy, city environment, Jersey is a breath of fresh air! … Added to this, Islanders love to take part in and support events and get togethers for a variety of festivals, exhibitions, sporting, outdoor and live music events. In Jersey it’s easy to get involved and feel part of the local community.

Blog: 10 Reasons to base your Natural Resources or Renewable Energy Business in Jersey
Pictured above: local music event Sunset Concerts at Mont Grantez Headland.
5. Experienced, Multilingual Workforce
Picture: Jersey has an abundance of very qualified and experienced individuals within the local workforce.

5. Experienced, Multilingual Workforce

Jersey has a diverse population and prides itself on its abundance of skilled and experienced individuals within the local workforce, working in a variety of sectors. Many of the local population also speak more than one European language, adding value to any global projects or international client relationships you may have. With nothing lost in translation, your business never loses focus.

6. Clusters of Natural Resources, Renewable and Ancialliary Businesses

6. Clusters of Natural Resources, Renewable and Ancialliary Businesses

Jersey is an increasingly popular choice for businesses operating in the natural resources and renewable energy (and ancillary) sectors. As a result there is now an established community of these business on the Island. The Island has attracted both the largest extractive companies to smaller scale operations looking to expand in a European jurisdiction and ancillary businesses such as environmental and social impact consultants. With the Jersey’s closely-linked and integrated business community, business deals and networking couldn’t be easier!!

Why not read Richard Parkinson of SM2 Sea Bed Minerals story on how he came to establish within Jersey.

Picture: recent arrival Richard Parkinson of SM2 Seabed Minerals.

7. Political & Economic Stability

Jersey is not part of the UK but is part of the British Isles. Jersey is a crown dependency with its own Government, fiscal and legal system.

The Island sits outside of the EU. The Island sits outside of the EU but proudly has third-country status, and a long-standing and robust working relationship with the Member States.

Our economy is independent and robust. The Island is confident about its economic future. The Government actively supports its growth and diversification, adding additional stability and improved productivity.

With a stable political environment, a diverse economy and a highly educated work force, you can be confident your business would sit in a well-regulated, supportive and successful offshore jurisdiction.

Blog: 10 Reasons to base your Natural Resources or Renewable Energy Business in Jersey

8. A Fascinating Geological History to Explore

Jersey has a fascinating geological history to explore, with the rock record beginning in the Pre-Cambrian extending into the more recent periods of the Pleistocene and Holocene. The Island’s granitoids are most commonly known, in particular the so-called Pink Jersey Granite. Its unusual chemistry and orthoclase creates a very distinctive salmon-pink colour which dominates the landscape. Considered to be so beautiful it’s been quarried for generations for local stone masonry and for international shipment to locations such as London where you can find examples in the City’s paving stones.

The Island is defined by an igneous landscape, with examples of magma mingling and extreme volcanic events Island-wide creating the rocky landscapes known for excellent hiking trails and moonlike landscapes at low tide when outcrops poke out of the sand for miles out to sea. More recent deposits tell a story of the ice age with conglomerates and glacial till exposed and even some mammoth remains.

The Island is a rarity for the Channel as the surrounding Islands and reefs have all been exposed to metamorphism and so formations have been altered from their original state however Jersey remained predominantly untouched so the Island’s formations are unique and show examples of processes which no longer exist today.

But even if rocks aren’t your thing, the stunning colours and landscapes they create are easy to enjoy and be marvelled at, be it from the plane window or during a cliff path walk or beach stroll.

Blog: 10 Reasons to base your Natural Resources or Renewable Energy Business in Jersey
Pictured above: granite outcrop at Gronez, Jersey.
9. GMT & GBP
Picture: boardroom in St Helier overlooking St Aubins Bay. Jersey is a conduit for international business.

9. GMT & GBP

Despite its southerly location just off the coast of France, as a British crown dependency, Jersey not only uses the British Pound (GBP) but it also operates Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) … which helps to facilitate international business on the Island. Jersey, offshore but practical!

10. Outdoors lifestyle & unbeatable quality of life

10. Outdoors lifestyle & unbeatable quality of life

Living on Jersey means you can have an unbeatable quality of life. With most commutes no more than 20 minutes, you can find time to do whatever you love, be it after or before work, or on the weekends.

With an island lifestyle focused on the outdoors, Jersey offers its residents a new lease on life. With fresh sea air; beautiful clean surroundings, wetland, woodlands, farmland, countryside and 48 miles of coastline, you’ll find yourself a world away from the city smog, enjoying Jersey’s natural offerings. There are endless activities to enjoy and more quality time to do them in for you and your family.

Pictured above: local man cooling off  in the summer sun with a four-legged friend in the Royal Bay of Grouville, Jersey.

In Jersey you are conveniently close to international business centres, but far enough away to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in a tranquil and secure location. Jersey offers a pace of life that gives you and your family space to thrive.

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