Part of the beauty of living in Jersey is that you get to enjoy island life and still only be a 40 minute flight away from London. Islanders can enjoy a weekend away, business trips or onward connections to far-flung destinations at the drop of a hat – but all of us look forward to coming home to Jersey!  

That is why the excellent news of British Airways latest agreement with Jersey is so important. The five-year commitment means BA will carry over 2 million passengers between Jersey and London Heathrow. This gives you access to central London in under an hour but also gets you straight into the UK’s largest airport with around 1,300 flights a day heading to all corners of the globe! 

This is particularly powerful as the world opens back up following the Covid-19 pandemic. Jersey and BA worked very closely together throughout the pandemic, both to provide essential connectivity for Jersey and provide BA with a destination that they could fly and serve to with confidence. 

And the benefits for the Island don’t stop there. Oxford Economics research shows that connection to Heathrow is projected to support 1,200 jobs in Jersey and deliver growth in GDP of £123 million per annum by 2025. This benefit is all without Jersey using any public money to support BA or Heathrow. 

This is just another hugely positive development in Jersey’s long aviation history. The first aeroplane touched down on the beach at West Park in August 1912; that is less than a decade after the Wright brothers first took flight! 

Since then, this essential aviation link for the Island has gone from strength to strength and British Airways has now been flying to Jersey for decades. You can find more information on this latest announcement here 

Blog: Jersey connectivity strengthened with British Airways 5-year deal

How many flights are there to Jersey a day? 

Flight frequency depends on the day of the week and season but there can often be over 40 flights a day to and from Jersey Airport. 

Which carriers fly to Jersey? 

There are 7 airlines that fly to Jersey predominantly from the UK. 

How do you get to Jersey? 

In 2019 there were over 2.3m passengers to and from Jersey. Nearly two thirds of them travelled by air with the remaining third travelling by sea.  

Can you fly a private plane to Jersey? 

Absolutely, Jersey Airport has one executive handling agent for aircraft and passengers. Visiting aircraft over three metric tonnes will be handled by Gama Aviation. The corporate aviation facilities include all of the modern amenities, including aircraft hangarage on request for private and executive clients. 

How sustainable is travelling to Jersey? 

The Ports of Jersey, who oversee the airport and harbours on the Island, are taking a leading role in developing a sustainable future for Jersey and tackling the challenges this brings head on. You can find out more here. 

One project is their CarbonPass app that shows how much carbon dioxide your journey will emit and the cost to balance it, with all money going to Durrell’s Rewild Carbon programme.

Blog: Jersey connectivity strengthened with British Airways 5-year deal

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