According to a recent article in the Financial Times (January 27, 2019) delays and poor investment into Europe’s digital connectivity, means that hopes are dwindling for the continent as other markets seize the opportunity and push the 5G frontier. Amid those battling it out to be top players in the digital arena sits Jersey. Perhaps a surprise to those who only know of us for finance, Bergerac, potatoes and (the world’s prettiest) cows.

Thanks to some foresight, strategic thinking by Government and the Island’s telecoms companies, islander’s benefit from one of the world’s fastest mobile download speeds…not bad for an island with an area of just 45 square miles.

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Pictured above: The DJ XChange Innovation Lab as part of Sandbox Jersey

As if this isn’t tantalising enough for the techy fingered amongst you, the Island already boasts world-class data centres, full-island gigabit fibre connectivity, island-wide 4G coverage (for now…) AND for an additional bonus we’re consistently ranked in the top 10 for global broadband speeds. This trail-blazing feat is just the beginning, the Island is well along in the process of establishing itself as a world class technology hub. There are now plans in motion for island-wide 5G networks to be installed by 2021, years ahead of the UK and other neighbouring jurisdictions within the EU.

These already competitive abilities and ambitious plans to establish the 5G network reinforce the ground work already completed in Jersey to morph into a digital test bed, with the power to take advantage of ‘big data’ and the ‘internet of things (IOT)’. Digital Jersey’s recently launched Sandbox scheme and accompanying innovation lab baptised ‘DJ XChange’ is already accommodating tech innovators and businesses who are using the Island’s infrastructure to trial and test their products and services from; imbedded cattle sensors to weather technology, and from Fintech software to medical technology. Rather impressively this also includes Sony who have been on the Island testing a new network technology.

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Jersey, live the city life...just not in the city.

The Island may be small in area but it is by no means a small player when it comes to the digital space, and with ever increasing investment and support from Government, Digital Jersey, local telecoms and tech businesses, Jersey is set to play in the premier connectivity leagues for some time.

One of the world’s most connected locations, Jersey boasts some of the fastest download speeds globally– now that’s ‘post’ worthy.

Jersey is “speeding” past its peers and competitors, if you want to take advantage of this advanced digital infrastructure and be a part of the Island’s digital growth (and to call our beautiful Island home) get in touch with us today to find out how you can relocate your business to the Island by calling +44(0)1534 440604 or email us at

…In the meantime you can also check out ourWhy Jersey for Tech page.


For more information on digital start-up schemes and the Sandbox Jersey contact our colleagues at Digital Jersey via or by calling +44(0)1534 828585.


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