Surfer, snowboarder, rally enthusiast and newest member of the Locate Jersey team, Reseach and Operations Officer Gabby Mason explains why Jersey is a great location to live for those looking to balance their work and family life with some activity and adventure.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that you can’t have it all. Well, except for perhaps when it comes to living in Jersey, where you can live a good life, benefit from a cosmopolitan and diverse business centre, but also feed your more adventurous, active side – all within our nine-by-five mile island in the Bay of St. Malo.

Jersey has long been associated with quality, you only have to look at the Island’s food scene and local produce, but in recent years Jersey has also made a name for itself as an island of active adventure and sporting excellence.

After hosting the Natwest Island games in 2015 and the Dance World Cup in 2016, 2017 saw Jersey play host to the rising global event, Super League Triathlon, which pits the world’s best triathletes to compete in a closed league series. Such an event requires a variety of challenging terrain and road layouts, open water suitable for competitive swimming, and beautiful backdrops for the benefit of the viewer; all of which Jersey boasts to the extreme. The Super League Triathlon saw big names in the sport, such as Jonathan Brownlee, Jodie Stimpson and Mario Mola Diaz, visit the Island to compete in the event and showed just how perfect Jersey is for active individuals and families to live.

However, you don’t need to be a world-class athlete to benefit from the sporting endeavours that the Island can offer. This same summer, the intrepid British adventurer Sean Conway spent 48 hours in Jersey fitting in as much extreme activity as he possibly could, with the help of Visit Jersey. In his film he demonstrates many of the activities that Jersey residents often enjoy in their spare time such as rock-climbing, kayaking, running, walking and surfing.

In fact, many families who Locate Jersey help to settle into island life, say that their fitness levels and overall wellbeing have improved since moving to Jersey as they have more time to engage in the activity of their choice, and that their children are able to spend more time outdoors having fun – a far cry from many of the more urban business centres in the world. A local body has been created recently as well, to further encourage an active island lifestyle; Jersey Sport is an independent, government-supported initiative which aims to help people be more involved in sport and to help sport, and sports clubs, to develop in the Island.

Each year Jersey also hosts a number of home-grown events that have now taken their place in the global sporting events calendar. The Jersey Marathon, Jersey Triathlon, round-the-island State Street Walk, and Jersey Rally are heavily participated in by locals and visitors from far and wide, and more extreme fitness events like the Round Island Challenge (listed by Red Bull as one of the top 11 extreme UK fitness challenges in 2016) and the Balls of Steel adventure race in the nippy month of January.

Jersey also boasts a Championship rugby union team – Jersey Reds and a Premier League 3 netball team in Team Jets – Jersey may be small, but its residents are certainly mighty if their fitness endeavours are anything to go by.

If you too want to release your inner-adventurer or maybe give your family a more active lifestyle, then consider the move and get in touch with Locate Jersey.

Jersey. For business. For life.

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