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Blog: 7 Reasons Why Digital Businesses Choose to Move to Jersey

17 December 2019

In our latest blog we explore what we think are the top 7 reasons why digital-tech businesses choose to move to Jersey.

With a digital first agenda, the Island is well on its way to being a world leading tech jurisdiction. Digitally focussed business have taken note of this and have been moving to Jersey...Why? As with most things there isn't likely to be just 1 key reason but a selection of factors influencing their decisions to relocate. The team at Locate Jersey put their heads together to come up with 7 key reasons to explain the Island's popularity in the tech world.  So what are these 7 reasons? Read on to find out!


1. 100% 1GB full fibre, point to point network

Yes, you read that correctly! In fact Jersey was the first place in the world to make 100% pure 1GB fibre available to every broadband user in the entire jurisdiction! Added to this that in the World Broadband Speed League 2019 tables Jersey ranked 3rd, sitting just behind big digital-tech players Singapore and Taiwan! Beating others to achieve 100% full fibre point to point network and Competing with global big players, having superfast broadband available Island wide certainly is a perk and highlights the islands drive to have a globally advanced digital infrastructure. (a perk not just for businesses in this sector but all other companies and residents alike! Whether you want better Netflix streaming, clearer conference calls or just the infrastructure in place to be able to achieve the tech advances and innovation you need in your business!...with a move to Jersey you certainly won’t be buffering but speeding past competition.

Pictured above: St Helier, Jersey's CBD at night.


2. Three Tier-1 telecom providers with 4G networks (5G currently in trials)

Despite being a relatively small island, jersey certainly offers choice and speed to its residents. With three telecom providers to choose from, all with island-wide 4G available, you can be connected no matter where you are, be it in the central business district in St Helier or out enjoying a cliff park walk. The Government has also promised 5G island-wide by 2021, a timeline much sooner than many other world-leading jurisdictions. This highlights the islands drive to compete on global scales and have infrastructure superior and in place.

Pictured above: Be connected wherever you are on Jersey, be it kms out to sea at Seymour Tower.


3. 3 IoT Networks (LORA + LTE Cat M + NBIot (M2M)) and world class data centres

If digital infrastructure, security and advanced connectivity is a priority for you and your business, you'll be happy to know Jersey hosts world class data centres and has 3 IoT Networks and a dedicated IoT Lab!...Not bad for an 45 square mile island in the English Channel!

In Jersey you can be confident that no matter the size of your project or size of data required to operate your business, we have the infrastructure in place to handle your demands, a crucial requirement for business continuity and security.

Even if you're in the early stages of your new business and are after an ideal test bed, the Island offers an exceptional digital environment in which you can innovate and grow. The Island can support the biggest of companies to the smallest of start-ups.

Pictured Above: computer generated image of a typical data centre.


4. Over 30 daily flights to key UK airports

Arguably the best connected Island in the British Isles, Jersey has a bustling airport with over 30 flights into key international UK cities, with at least 12 flights into London airports per day with a flight time of just 35 minutes! Certainly a faster commute into the city than what many experience living in the UK...

In addition there are a selection of seasonal flights into EU destinations such as Dublin, Geneva, Dusseldorf and Zurich. If you're after a more exclusive experience the Island also has its own private airfield and hanger space.

Moving to Jersey means you get to enjoy island life but still have the rest of the world at your fingertips. Fly in from a business meeting and be home or on the beach within minutes of landing. Enjoy the connectivity of a city but have an unbeatable Island lifestyle to come home to.

Pictured above: an areoplane leaves Jersey airport. Photo Credit: Oliver Daniels Photography


5. On-Island Digital Academy & Digital Training program creating a digitally enabled workforce

In terms of producing a digitally enabled society, the Island has stepped it up a notch in recent years, thanks to some Government foresight and Digital Jersey the government-funded body responsible for the development and promotion of the tech industry on the Island. Alongside the re-opening of a newly refurbished co-working space Digital Jersey have launched the new Digital Academy just months after the successful launch their SandBox Jersey initiative and IOT lab.

The Digital Academy is the first of its kind in Jersey, an education facility dedicated entirely to the development and training of digital skills. The courses are designed for both school leavers and for more ‘mature’ students who want to expand and enhance their existing skills. The programs have been designed by tech industry leaders.

Not only is the Academy adding to the already strong digital talent pool existing on island it is future proofing digital talent for the years to come, highlighting just how serious the Island is about developing the digital tech sector.

Pictured above: One of the Digital Academy classrooms


6. Government support for sector growth

Having identified the strategic importance of embracing the tech evolution the Government of Jersey has put forward a digital first agenda and in so doing created in Government digital development and policy teams, and created an arm’s length digital body (Digital Jersey) who have been given the responsibility of developing and supporting the digital sector, infrastructure and skills on the Island.

The Government is actively involved in the local digital sector, be it through in-Government digital policy teams or the politicians or through the encouragement of digital skills in local schools and supporting the new Digital Academy.

The Government also actively encourages established tech businesses to relocate to the Island through us here at Locate Jersey. More recently a new schemehas been established to provide support to both local and off-island entrepreneurs to begin start-ups on the Island or use Jersey as a digital testbed through the help of Digital Jersey.

...not forgetting to mention, and perhaps somewhat more unique to Jersey, on the Island you can also enjoy easy access to politicians, government officials and regulators! You can call or meet with them in person with little to no effort required! Not many jurisdictions can boast such an accessible and open Government.


Pictured above: the Jersey flag.


7. Independent & robust regulation & legislation

Jersey is a compliant and well-regulated jurisdiction, meeting standards set by a number of worldwide organisations and regulatory bodies from the EU to the OECD. The Island is recognised as an active and cooperative partner of the EU and the wider international community, taking an active role in working groups which develop international standards. As a result the Island has robust yet pragmatic regulation which allows businesses to thrive whilst remaining compliant. Of particular interest for tech community, the Island has in place a well-developed legal framework for the crypto industry and e-gaming.

Jersey’s internationally regulated & transparent business practices makes the Island an excellent base, adding to your credibility and reputation. Move your businesses to Jersey and relax in the knowledge that you’re within a secure and compliant jurisdiction, ensuring the protection of your assets and your reputation.

Pictured above: Corbiere Lighthouse on Jersey's south-west coast



We couldn't not mention the stunning coast and countryside which will leave you lost for words.

Picutred above: (left) Beauport Bay on Jersey's south coast. (right) St Catherines Woods located in the east of the Island.


Jersey is one of very few jurisdictions that can boast such impressive and extensive digital infrastructure. This, combined with a quality of life and work/life balance that is hard to beat, it’s no wonder more business owners and entrepreneurs are moving to our beautiful, techie Island.


To find out more visit our industry page Tech-Industry or visit Digital Jersey.

If you want to be part of this movement and establish your business in the island that is speeding past its global competitors, get in contact with Locate Jersey to discuss moving your business to Jersey, email or call +44(0)1534 440604.


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