"Interestingly, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man performed really well against the global figures. It’s clear that they offer an attractive work-life balance and the potential for a rewarding career. Expats working in the islands are also really proud to be working there and are quick to become fully engaged in the local community, with more than three-quarters likely to recommend the islands to other expats – that’s a fantastic form of advocacy."

John Godard (Head of HSBC Expat)

Following HSBC’s Expat Explorer survey carried out in November 2018, an additional analysis was conducted on the data collected, looking specifically into career opportunities within expat markets. Included within this was data from Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. The analysts singled out some key findings showing that the islands score particularly well against the global benchmarks assessing working life. Overall it was found that individuals who move to the islands benefit from a better work life balance and work place culture, in comparison to many locations globally.

Some of the key findings which shine a light on the opportunities perceived and experienced by those who have moved to the islands. See below:

The Approach to Working Life
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Life the city life, just not in the city #whyjersey

The Approach to Working Life

  • 77% found that their work-life balance is better than their home country (26% above the global average)
  • 58% considered the work culture to be better than their home country (10% above the global benchmark)
Island Life & Community Integration
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Live the city life, just not in the city #whyjersey

Island Life & Community Integration

  • 76% would recommend the islands to fellow expats as a place to move to – that’s above the global average of 65%!
  • Those who relocate to the islands are more involved in the local communities with 34% participating in more local community activities since moving (global average is 18%)

With the islands scoring so well against our global competitors it’s no wonder people choose to relocate to Jersey. You can find more about the benefits of moving to Jersey with a business or as a high net worth individual here.

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Data Source: HSBC Holdings plc News Release 28/01/2019


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