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Process: High Value

Process: Relocating as a High Value Resident

We provide comprehensive and confidential advice and support to guide individuals through every step of the process. With advice and assistance tailored to each individual situation, Locate Jersey is on hand to help you through every step of establishing your new life in the island.

Get in touch with Locate Jersey

Contact us either in person or via your intermediary* for a confidential, no-obligation discussion about relocating to Jersey as a High Value Resident.

Review Meeting

Get advice and assistance tailored to your individual circumstances in a one-to-one review meeting with our Director of High Value Residency.

Download and complete an applicant profile document here to help us to better understand your specific circumstances.

Submitting your application

Locate Jersey can assist you with preparing the documentation required for your application dossier, which should be submitted directly - or preferably through an intermediary - to Locate Jersey.

More information

Approval process

Due diligence is carried out on your application by Locate Jersey, which is then reviewed by the Comptroller of Taxes and then by Jersey’s Population Office*.  If no further detail is required at either stage, the decision is communicated back to Locate Jersey.


A letter of confirmation will be sent to the applicant by Locate Jersey.

What's next

Locate Jersey provide aftercare and advice as you relocate to Jersey, with access to networking events and other opportunities to develop your contacts base in the island.

You are now free to rent or purchase a qualified property in Jersey. You will also need to register with Income and Tax Social Security and obtain your Jersey ‘Registration Card’. Click here for more information.

* If all the information required for the application dossier is in order, this process can take as little as two weeks.