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JT Lab partners with World Class Cyber Security Companies to launch DDoS Security solutions and provide a test bed for security software development

1 August 2013

JT is pleased to announce the launch of a new Cyber-attack prevention service. The world-class software has been developed in the JT Lab by SecurityDAM, part of the global RAD Group.

JT Lab provides a contained, safe test environment where key learning’s can be captured on a small scale prior to larger scale rollout. Real, live market tests of new services can be delivered and experienced by Jersey consumers and enterprises with the option to provide global testing utilizing 400 + roaming agreements and high speed international connectivity.

SecurityDAM partnered with JT Lab, so that innovative, cutting-edge products and services could be tested in Jersey.

Online security is of worldwide concern and one that Governments, not just companies, are focusing on. DDoS attacks have grown in such complexity, volume and sophistication that 65% of IT security practitioners reporting an average of three DDoS attacks in the past 12 months.

‘DDoS prevention is an essential part of a service package offered to business customers’ said Eran Ziv, CEO, SecurityDAM ‘SecurityDAM facilitates the service by providing all the necessary service management elements, including a user-friendly, real-time portal to the end-customer IT manager’.

Attacks occur by a vast amount of information being sent via the internet to a targeted website that floods the website or server with requests, which causes it to crash. These attacks have targeted industries such as finance, e-Commerce and Internet Gambling, which can have huge reputational and financial damage for companies. The new solution will monitor a company’s flow of email, applications and data traffic, and if it detects an unusual change in that flow, will block the malicious requests, but still allow the normal day-to-day traffic through.

Tim Ringsdore, Chief Relationship Officer for JT said, ‘This is a fantastic success for JT Lab and for Jersey. To have a new world class solution developed right here in the Island will showcase what we are doing here and the potential for other companies. It will provide increased revenue not just for JT, but the island as a whole. We are currently in negotiations with several other high-tech organisations to come to Jersey and use our JT Lab facilities as a European test hub.’

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