Dorothy Parker

“Our roles, working globally...have involved extensive business of the few consistencies was our annual family holiday to Jersey!...We could see a timely we upped sticks from Cheshire and, with the support of Locate Jersey, set down roots on the Island.”

Dorothy Parker (Director)

4Insight is a specialist marketing support agency, run by Ray and Dorothy Parker, who have world-class expertise in qualitative marketing research. They have been visiting Jersey with their family for many years and it was always their dream to set up home and business on the Island. As Dorothy explains:

“We have been working globally in the qualitative marketing research and competitor intelligence sectors, across many industries for over 25 years.  Our roles have involved extensive business travel and amidst everything else, one of the few consistencies was our annual family holiday to Jersey!  Now with our teenagers to contend with, we felt that it would be a good time to make the move for a better lifestyle for us all and so we upped sticks from Cheshire and, with the support of Locate Jersey, set down roots on the Island.”


“We could see a timely opportunity to provide Jersey-based expertise to businesses in the island, as traditionally, qualitative marketing research expenditure has either gone off-Island, to agencies in the UK or the US, or been overlooked altogether.

“Our high-tech facilities and the advanced expertise that we have brought to the Island mean that local businesses, from any sector, can now utilise us to help them answer these, or related questions – to better understand their product or service; its prospects of success and how their competition is likely to react.

“My area of expertise is providing companies with in-depth qualitative marketing research, which delves into the rationale behind customers’ reasoning – we peel back the layers of the decision making processes, so that a business can understand its market intimately and thoroughly and therefore optimise its market offering.”

Co-Director and competitor intelligence expert, Ray, expands on the business;

“The other important side of our business, is helping our clients to better understand their competitors. If you can glean an understanding of your customers AND those who stand to compete in your market against you, you can obtain an overall, contextualised view of your marketplace and the threats and opportunities you are facing.  Competitor Intelligence involves internal and external research to provide our clients with evidence to support and develop strategic direction and highlight any amendments which might be needed in a product or service offering.”

“We have already recruited a local marketing Research Executive and we are aiming to recruit and train more local personnel as our business grows on-Island.  We will need good science graduates, especially in disciplines such as psychology and sociology.

We have noticed that Jersey turns out many highly qualified science students, who attain impressive degrees in the UK, but are then unable to return to the Island as there are few job opportunities in their specialist areas, so we are pleased that we will be able to help bridge that gap.”

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