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Client Testimonials

Client  Testimonials

“"The process of moving to Jersey has been amazing and the people here have been so supportive, right down to the minute detail. Locate Jersey really took us by the hand and made it clear that PF+A has a place here in the Island."”

Peter Falla

PF+A, Managing Director

“In terms of moving here with my family, there really isn't a better way to describe the process than 'seamless', and we could not have done it without the help of Locate Jersey...the support we got was invaluable...the invite to their 'after-care' events...made us feel incredibly well looked after. ”

Alex Knowelden

BHP, Director

“I wanted to wait a year to see how we felt about the place...but after just three months my wife decided she loved it so much we should move early! It’s particularly special seeing our children grow up to enjoy the ocean as much as I did in Australia...I enjoy being outdoors and having that work-life balance.”

Aaron Bird

AFEX Offshore, Director

“I arrived in Jersey literally not knowing a soul and I have been overwhelmed by the friendliness of Islanders and the welcome I have received.”

Andrew and Fiona Tyrer


“As well as Jersey offering a familiar British environment, the support network here is excellent. Not only have we had some really positive engagement with the government and regulator, we’ve been really impressed with the local business infrastructure and service providers.”

Andrew Benitz

Jersey Oil and Gas, CEO

“We have added ten people locally to the’s been quite a rapid growth. It made sense to hire from the Island where we can, as there is such a wealth of talent available. ”


Ben Dixon and Paul Rouse, General Counsel & COO

“It’s actually very difficult to think of anywhere else in the world that can so successfully combine a safe, family environment with such a sophisticated business infrastructure”

Chris Jenkins

Tora, Managing Director