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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Alex Knowelden

bhp, Director

“There really isn't a better way to describe the process than 'seamless', and we could not have done it without the help of Locate Jersey...the support we got was invaluable, in particular guiding BHP through the various steps needed to establish our operation...Even after we had moved, the invite to their 'after-care' events, with thoughtful consideration of who we might like to be introduced to on both personal and professional levels, made us feel incredibly well looked after.”

Simon Torode

Livingroom, CEO

“Locate Jersey have been brilliant in helping move both myself and the business over to the island. They understood my ambitions for the business and the need to prove our worth and land with confidence in the marketplace. Quite simply, the team at Locate Jersey made the whole process as straightforward as possible.”

Ed Prow

The Potting Shed, Managing Director

“One of our non-executive directors suggested that we contact the team at Locate Jersey...I can’t tell you how pleased I am that we had that conversation, as our journey could have been a very different one without their invaluable assistance...Having the team at Locate Jersey on hand to guide us step-by-step through this process has made, what could have been a tricky road to navigate, a fascinating experience instead! We have found their helpful, positive approach utterly refreshing. That sort of positivity rubs off and a by-product of their support has been that they have given us even greater confidence in our business model...The Locate Jersey team has continued to be on hand to assist us with bringing these expansion plans to fruition.”

Sarah Garrood

Maven Partners, Partner

“...I was therefore extremely grateful to Locate Jersey for the guidance and assistance the team was able to give me. The team was incredibly supportive and advised me on the structure of my business plan so that, within only a matter of days of submitting it to the authorities, I was granted my business licence.”

Peter Falla

PF+A, Managing Director

“The process of moving to Jersey has been amazing and the people here have been so supportive, right down to the minute detail. Locate Jersey really took us by the hand and made it clear that PF+A has a place here in the Island.”

Andrew Benitz

Jersey Oil & Gas, CEO

“Locate Jersey were clearly supportive of our industry and pointed us in the right direction locally to help establish ourselves in the island. Particularly impressive was the follow-up support we received from them after our move. Relocating to a new environment can be stressful, and that sort of sustained support from a government body is rare and shouldn’t be underestimated.”

Richard Urban

Rivington Pike, Founder

“I made contact with the team at Locate Jersey, to ask for their assistance. They were exceptionally helpful and were able to guide me through the process of relocating to Jersey - their openness and passion for supporting businesses on the Island made the process as straightforward as possible.”

Sheila Dean

Equiom, Global Chief Executive Officer

“The team at Locate Jersey has a positive, can-do approach and completely understood the complexities of setting up our business within, what was, a new jurisdiction for us. We had given ourselves almost unfeasibly tight time constraints and yet the team helped us to achieve the establishment of Equiom on-Island incredibly quickly and smoothly...As our business has expanded in Jersey over the last few years, we have sought supplementary support and advice from the Locate Jersey team. When we have required additional business support, in areas which fall outside the Locate Jersey remit, the team has always been able to direct us to the appropriate individual or department.”

Chris Jenkins

Tora, Managing Director

“In an environment you’re not familiar with, establishing a new company and office is always going to take time, and the due diligence and audit work we’ve gone through has been time-consuming. However, the support we’ve received has been very helpful, particularly from the population office and Locate Jersey”

The Belcher Family

Vantage Innovation, Martin - Chairman

“They were very helpful in assisting with all aspects, such as ensuring we made all the right contacts locally to keep Vantage developing in the right direction. Locate Jersey looked after the whole family very well, and it doesn’t stop when you have made the move; their after-care events are invaluable and have helped each and every one of us feel very welcome on the Island…even if we do come from Guernsey!”

Andy Partlow

Alexander Daniels Offshore, Director

“Establishing an office anywhere from scratch is a massive challenge, so to have such easy access to advice during the whole process was absolutely paramount. The support from Locate Jersey was exceptional, and we got some fantastic guidance from other businesses and advisers, which really helped manage expectations internally and get us through the more bureaucratic processes involved in setting up an office.”

Aaron Bird

AFEX, Director

“Moving the business was very smooth thanks to Locate Jersey…We’ve made friends here so quickly through both Locate Jersey introductions and our children’s school, so we feel right at home.”

The Tyrer Family

Andrew & Fiona,

“We were astonished by the speed and simplicity with which we were able to source our lovely home and move to the Island...The efficiency of this process was primarily down to the excellent support we received from the team at Locate Jersey. They advised us on the details we would need to provide to the authorities, so we were well organised for our licence submission, making the process seamless. This experience reassured us that we were emigrating to a place where people have a can-do attitude and are unendingly supportive. And that support has extended well beyond our initial application process. Through the team at Locate Jersey, we have received introductions, invites and attended functions across an entire cross-section of people, places and events, which has made us feel truly welcome and at home!”

Richard Parkinson

SM2, Co-Founder

“The set-up process was really smooth from a business perspective and the authorities in Jersey were very welcoming and helpful. Once we got a license to work on the Island, everything else fell into place really. Locate Jersey were especially helpful with assisting us in formulating a business plan to the practicalities of relocation and living in Jersey.”

Duncan Sandlant

Esportif International, Managing Director

“…immediately put me in touch with the team at Locate Jersey and from thereon in it was plain sailing. The team signposted us from the beginning to the end of the set-up process and eased us through the relatively straightforward machinations of the statutory paperwork required. They put me in touch with a property management company and through them we sourced central offices in St Helier and within a matter of months we found ourselves living in Jersey.”

Jake Shaw

Euraco Group , Company Director

“After an initial meeting, the team was able to guide me through the process of compiling a comprehensive business plan. This plan was presented to the Island’s regulatory authorities, as part of our application for a business licence. All the authorities I have dealt with on the Island have been extremely accommodating, efficient and supportive...Since establishing Euraco Group in Jersey, we have expanded our business substantially...This growth has been fully supported by the Locate Jersey team, which has continued to offer advice and support as our business has altered and expanded.”

Andrew Bagot

Alliance, Managing Director

“The move was relatively painless and Locate Jersey were brilliant from start to finish. In this line of work, we always anticipated that staff permissions would take some time to obtain, but the overall experience has been seamless and we were up and running very quickly indeed.”

Phil Shaw

Think Gaming , Director

“When we contacted the team at Locate Jersey to ask for their advice and support, we were delighted to find that they are forward thinking and shared our enthusiasm and excitement about the opportunities that this rapidly expanding market presents to the Island going forward. Once established, our business began to expand quickly and we were thrilled to find that Locate Jersey’s support is ongoing.”

Sarah Colley

First Intuition, Managing Partner

“In particular, Locate Jersey were incredibly helpful during the process of establishing ourselves in the Island...It couldn’t have been easier really.”

Susana Rowles

Target Internet, Commercial Director

“From the outset, through Locate Jersey and others, we were introduced to people who could help us sort things out, from a business perspective with things like licensing, to personal and family things like registering for schools for our children. The after-care we’ve received since being here has been hugely helpful too.”

Grant Hamilton

Seven Investment Management, Director

“Locate Jersey was one the first ports of call...Their inward investment team offered a very warm welcome to the company and could clearly see there was a place for us on the Island.”

Chris Byrne

Maples Group, Managing Partner of Maples & Calder

“Locate Jersey was very encouraging and helpful from the outset.”